CLS (CLarity Scheduler)


CLS is freeware. CLS gives you the possibility to execute Clarity Jobs using the commandline. This enables you to integrate the Clarity Schedule with an external scheduling tool. Go to the Download Page to download the software.


---------------------- General Information ----------------------------
Tempus Verus CLarity Scheduler, Copyright (C) 2009 Tempus Verus B.V.
No support included. Services can be purchased via
More information can be found on

Please choose XML / Argument Based Execution:

---------------------- XML Based Execution ----------------------------
Command: "java tvCLS [your_xml_file.xml]"
XML Structure (for [your_xml_file.xml]):

Delete Process Instance

Example: java tvCLS runDeleteProcessInstanceJob.xml
Multiple parameters can be added, separated by a comma.

---------------------- Argument Based Execution -----------------------
Command Structure:
java tvCLS [host:port] [username] [password] [your_job_name]
[your_job_id] [parameter_name]=[value]
The [parameter_name]=[value] can be repeated multiple times. The para-
meters are in fixed order. If a string contains spaces, add quotes ("")
The Job ID is the Clarity Job Id, as shown in the URL.

Example Command Structure:
java tvCLS myserver:80 admin admin "Delete Process Instance"
50420 param_process_name=MyProcess param_process_status=BPM_PIS_DONE

---------------------- Return Code Information ------------------------
This version does not give Return Codes. Contact
for a version which gives Return Codes.

---------------------- Other Information ------------------------------
This version has been tested on Clarity 8.1.x using Java 1.5 / 1.6.
java tvCLS help: Prints this help.

Clarity is a Trademark of CA.