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Schedule CA Clarity Jobs externally, freeware. To run the code, first un-jar the file TV_CLS_1_0.jar (jar -xvf TV_CLS_1_0.jar). Read the page CLS or the help function in CLS how it works.

CInsightC Installation Package

There is only Installation Package of CInsightC available. This package contains the Lite and the Enterprise Edition. Based on a time based license key, the Enterprise functionalities can be enabled. Contact for a free temporary license key. Release Notes CInsightC 3.0.1:
  • Bugfixes on processing SQLTraces and Accesslogs.
Release Notes CInsightC 3.0 (General Available Jan 2011):
  • Code: fixed bugs.
  • Support for CInsightC WebClient.
Release Notes CInsightC 2.6.1 (General Available May 2010):
  • Standardized date format in indexes ("YYYY-MM-DD hh24:mi:ss").
  • Added jSessionID to Access Logs.
  • Added Index Pack (for R2.6.1 Portlet Pack).
  • Code: fixed bugs.
  • Code: Added failed logins check functionality (beta)
  • Code: fixed bugs in SQLTrace.
  • Portlets: reviewed.
Release Notes CInsightC 2.5.1 (General Available Sept 2009):
  • Splitting of all classes for better manageability.
  • Added second connection so CIC database and Clarity database can be separated.
  • Improved array handling for better performance in the logfile analysis.
  • Multiple minor bugs fixed.
  • Compiled Clarity portlet page.
    and in the licensed version:
  • Access logs analysis.
  • Clarity sessions linked with access logs at user level.
  • System statistics from your servers.
Release Notes CInsightC 2.3:
  • Added Reinstall Script (drops all CInsightC objects, recreates them and run CInsightC).
  • Several Performance Improvements (mainly on Time Breakdown Table).
  • Added Temporary Key functionality (ask free temporary key at
  • Solved Mail issues on Sun Solaris

CInsightC Documentation

There are two important documents available for CInsightC:

CInsightC R3 / Oracle Portlet Packs

The new set of Portlets is available. These portlets are only available for CInsightC R3 / Oracle.
  • Download portlet_pack_cic3_oracle.xml
  • Download portlet_pack_cic3_set2_oracle.xml
  • Download tv_cic_statistics_per_user.xml

    CInsightC 2.6 Portlet Pack


    CInsightC R241 Portlets

    These portlets are out of the box provided. Customisations can be delivered on request.
    TV_ACCESS_LOGS.xml (Clarity 8.1x / Oracle)
    TV_ACCESS_LOGS_GRAPH_V2.xml (Clarity 8.1x / Oracle)
    TV_CLARITY_LOGFILES.xml (Clarity 8.1x / Oracle)
    TV_CLARITY_LOG_COUNT.xml (Clarity 8.1x / Oracle)
    TV_GC_GRAPH.xml (Clarity 8.1x / Oracle)
    TV_GC_LOGGING.xml (Clarity 8.1x / Oracle)
    TV_LOGIN_COUNT.xml (Clarity 8.1x / Oracle)
    TV_SESSIONS.xml (Clarity 8.1x / Oracle)
    TV_UPTIME_GRAPH.xml (Clarity 8.1x / Oracle)
    TV_UPTIME_LOG.xml (Clarity 8.1x / Oracle)

    TV_ACCESS_LOGS.xml (Clarity 8.1x / MSSQL)
    TV_ACCESS_LOGS_GRAPH.xml (Clarity 8.1x / MSSQL)
    TV_CLARITY_LOGFILES.xml (Clarity 8.1x / MSSQL)
    TV_CLARITY_LOG_COUNT.xml (Clarity 8.1x / MSSQL)
    TV_GC_GRAPH.xml (Clarity 8.1x / MSSQL)
    TV_GC_LOGGING.xml (Clarity 8.1x / MSSQL)
    TV_LOGIN_COUNT.xml (Clarity 8.1x / MSSQL)
    TV_SESSIONS.xml (Clarity 8.1x / MSSQL)
    TV_UPTIME_GRAPH.xml (Clarity 8.1x / MSSQL)
    TV_UPTIME_LOG.xml (Clarity 8.1x / MSSQL)