TAT (Time Sheet Approval Tool)


Release Notes of the Time Sheet Approval Tool R3 are now available.


TAT gives you the possibility to approve Clarity Time Entries separately. This enables you improve the approval process of your Time Sheets. It enables to manage and maintain your time submitting process in an more efficient way. It lowers needless waste of time and increases accuracy of your data.

The Time Sheet Approval Tool is developed in cooperation with P5, a leading CA Clarity implementation partner.


  • After all timeentries of 1 Time Sheet have been approved, a custom background job will set the Time Sheet status to approved.
  • A 'Select All' button gives approvers the opportunity to approve all submitted timeentries.
  • History of all approvals is available in dedicated webpages.
  • An additional field (backup project manager) is added to the project properties. This allows the project manager to have a backup for approval during absence.
  • Filtering and sorting is possible on all relevant fields (as shown in the screenshot below).
  • The TAT pages are seamlessly integrated to Clarity. This is needed to reuse the Clarity session properties and for security reasons.
  • Encryption is provided for the TAT properties (database password).


The TAT is installed besides Clarity. It is installed in a dedicated Apache Tomcat Application Server. The reason for this separation is to minimize consumption of resources meant to be used by Clarity.
The following actions should be executed upon installation:
  • Creation of Database Objects
  • Extraction of TAT binaries
  • Configuration of tat_properties.xml
  • Generate Service

We strongly advise that a Tempus Verus consultant is present during installation and configuration.
For more information please refer to the TAT installation manual, or contact sales@tempusverus.com.