Tempus Verus Support and Services

Tempus Verus offers different types of support and consulting services to your organization. Our support can help you by answering technical questions, resolving issues and train your staff in analyzing the results of CInsightC. Alternatively, our consultants and software engineers can develop customized classes, toolkits and give assistance on implementing CInsightC to Clarity installations. Contact your Tempus Verus representative to discuss the standard or customized support and consulting solutions for your organization.

Installation Support

However the installation of CInsightC is quite easy, it might be required to have CInsightC installed by a skilled and trained engineer. Tempus Verus provides this installation support. Installation and configuration takes about one day and includes:
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Scheduling
  • Fine tuning
  • Documentation of the installation
  • Knowledge transfer to the (Clarity) administrators
Please contact sales@tempusverus.com for availability and pricing.

Standard Support

This monthly-fee based support is targeted at the majority of the CInsightC and CA Clarity customers. It will give email and phone support during business hours and gives answers to your technical questions and resolving issues.

On-site Support

This support option is delivered by Tempus Verus in cooperation with CA. It is equal to standard support but includes extra services. A Tempus Verus engineer will visit your site periodically and give technical advice based on the statistics of CInsightC. This technical advice includes infrastructure, performance, stability and any information given by the CInsightC statistics.

Note: On-site Support is limited to Europe.

Custom Consulting

Doesn't satisfy Standard or Onsite Support your needs? Extensive consulting options are possible like integration of the statistics of your interface runs, more customized notifications etc... Tempus Verus engineers are ready to help your organization implementing CInsightC.