07/11/2011 - New Portlet Packs

The new set of Portlets is available. These portlets are only available for CInsightC R3 / Oracle.
  • Download portlet_pack_cic3_oracle.xml
  • Download portlet_pack_cic3_set2_oracle.xml
  • Download tv_cic_statistics_per_user.xml

    13/04/2011 - CInsightC

    CInsightC R3 Fix 1.
  • Download CInsightC 3.0.1

    28/02/2011 - CInsightC

    CInsightC R3 Base Release is now available.
  • Download CInsightC 3.0.0 Base Release

    16/02/2011 - CInsightC

    The Features Document for CInsightC R3 is now available.
    Features CInsightC R3

    03/01/2011 - CInsightC

    30/12/2010 - CInsightC

    A new version of CInsightC is almost finished. The Official Release Date is 31/01/2011. The biggest change is a dedicated monitoring website. This eliminates the need for CA Clarity portlets. All data can be viewed and analyzed in the monitoring website. Two screenshots which doesn't need much clarification:

    24/12/2010 - Time Sheet Approval Tool

    Release Notes of the Time Sheet Approval Tool R3 are now available.